The big numbers

Key figures for digital tools

Here you will find many infographics that will give you a different view of agriculture and digital tools. Step back and let yourself be transported...

Infographics of digital tools

Find our static and dynamic infographics that we have produced!

L'infographie des applications smartphone en agriculture d'Aspexit
Smartphone applications in agriculture (static)
L'infographie des entreprises Agriculture de Précision d'Aspexit
Agtech and Precision Agriculture companies (static)
L'infographie des réseaux Agtech d'Aspexit
Agtech networks (static)
Robots in agriculture (dynamic)
Digital tools for livestock farming (dynamic)
Digital tools to accompany the spraying of phytosanitary products in viticulture

Find more infographics on the market: Better Food Ventures, Bridge Gaps, Medium, XAnge...

An overview of agriculture

Because you can't talk about digital tools without talking about agriculture.

Interactive interface - Jobs, Land, and Agricultural Production
The maps of agriculture
Maps of agro-ecological collectives and experimental sites

The adoption of digital tools

Find results of studies and surveys (technical and scientific literature) on the adoption of digital tools in agriculture

Interactive interface - Adoption of digital tools in agriculture

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Observatory of the uses of digital agriculture

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