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We really enjoyed working on this platform and we tried to put our philosophy into it as much as possible. For those of you who have been with us in the past, you have certainly seen our digital ecosystem maps (an example here: Although they were quite pretty and were taken up in the networks, these infographics were not very informative in content. We then tried to make them dynamic (another example here : but we realised that this format was not completely suitable either, because it was not easy to navigate between the digital tools and in the end there was little information available on the tools. We then reoriented ourselves towards a census platform which, we hope, will play the expected role

We have created this platform so that you can find your way around the extremely abundant and complex ecosystem of digital tools in agriculture. If we consider that digital tools are a desirable way to support agriculture, then we want you to be aware of what exists on the market and to be able to make your choice objectively. If, on the other hand, we feel that it is more appropriate to move away from these digital tools, then we hope that our platform will also be able to report on this.

This platform is indeed completely open-source and free. You don't have to be logged in to browse the digital tools on the market. However, if you want to share your opinions on the tools or access some of the platform's features (wish list, tool list), you will have to identify yourself with a profile and a login email.

This platform is also participatory in the sense that you can add tools to the platform (if you are a supplier or if you are a user of a tool that you do not see). The participatory aspect of the platform is also present in the reviews and ratings of digital tools.

We intend to pay ourselves in different ways:

  • Setting up micro-training courses to understand the challenges of digital technology in agriculture
  • Building customised infographics of the digital ecosystem in agriculture from the digital tools in our databases
  • By providing newsletters
  • By putting polls or surveys at the top of our platform

We are primarily targeting professionals in the agricultural world, and more specifically farmers, technicians, and agricultural advisors. These are the people who are the main potential users of the digital tools. However, given the state of the platform, we are addressing a much wider audience (students, research offices, researchers, consultancy firms, etc.)

We questioned whether a rating system was really appropriate in the sense that we live in a world where we spend our time rating things. Nevertheless, we see it as a powerful way here to report on the value or otherwise of digital tools in agriculture. Ratings and reviews will help digital tool providers to improve and other users of the platform to make the best possible choice of tools for them. And to do this, we need you because you are the first users of the tools. If you post reviews, please be as honest as possible and be explicit in the reviews (positive or negative) you leave.

If you have received confirmation that your request has been sent, it means that your tool is in "draft" mode in our databases. We are in the process of moderating it and you should see it appear in the list of tools fairly soon

You can be completely anonymous on the site. We just ask for a login email if you want to identify yourself, but we don't ask for any personal information. We intend to use the wish lists, tool lists, and tool reviews in a completely anonymous way to identify broad trends in the use of digital tools in agriculture. We are not targeting anyone in particular. We want to put forward an overview of the subject.

The platform is in its infancy and we are waiting to see how users will take to it. Some improvements are planned for the moment:

  • A rating and opinion of digital tools by profile to be able to differentiate a rating from a farmer, an advisor, or a tool provider
  • A rating of tools that is a little more advanced than simply using stars. The idea is to be able to rate tools according to several criteria of interest to the user
  • Translation of the platform into several languages
  • The design of micro-training courses to understand the challenges of digital tools in agriculture

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